A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1 of TBA


Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1 of TBA
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher and Publication Date: Bloomsbury USA Children, 5/5/15
Pages: 416
Romance, New Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 5-star


My Review in a Nutshell:

I have waited my whole life for a book this spectacular. Words that immediately come to mind when describing A Court of Thorns and Roses are mesmerizing, enchanting, thrilling, action packed- the list goes on and on. For two days I escaped into a world laden with fairytale beauty, romance, and a whimsical light filled with undertones of gore and violence; I foresee a new trendsetting genre.

What’s it all about?

Nineteen year old Feyre has the weight of the world on her shoulders, as she keeps her poverty stricken family alive by hunting day and night for food. In the woods, she kills a large wolf, not knowing the wolf was a Fae. Now, she must pay a life for a life. A large beast bursts into her family’s home and demands the exchange. Feyre is then dragged away to a world she only knows through horrifying stories, stories of lands filled with monsters and magic. Shortly after arriving, she realizes the powerful beast is not what she expected, he instead fills her heart with emotions she never dreamed of. But a Smite is lurking over the Fae world, one that will crush her new found love. Will Feyre, being only but a simple human girl, be able to stop the inevitable?

My Thoughts?

What I hadn’t expected from Sarah J. Maas, seeing as this was the first book of hers I’ve read, is the amount of hilariousness! The characters are witty with banter in every chapter, releasing the tension from the mysterious and ever growing Smite. Although, the Smite was never far from my mind, I was constantly churning trying to figure everything out. The characters and plot are simply fantastic.  I love how Maas gave us just enough information to stay intrigued; rather than not enough, which makes me absurdly annoyed. Same goes for the romance, not everything is presented to you on a silver platter, and instead simmers to perfection before we are allowed to delve in, making it all that much sweeter. And Feyre, fierce in so many ways, from her fighting and hunting abilities, to her sharp tongue, it was a joy to read in her perspective!

ACOTAR to me is a mash-up of Beauty and the Beast and Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are three vibes to this story: 1) Dark and dreary, 2) beautiful and epic, 3) frightening and heart stopping. Each outdoing the last. I wished to never leave this magical world! I knew from the first page, I was holding an impeccably special book.

My Favorite Quotes:

“Because your human joy fascinates me. The way you experience things, in your life span, so wildly and deeply and all at once, is… entrancing, I’m drawn to it, even when I know I shouldn’t be, even when I try not to be. “

“I suppose my self-pity is absurd.” “If it grieves you, then I don’t think it is absurd at all”.

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