Audio-Books Aren’t For the Lazy


Gumdrop is reaping the benefits of audio reading.

I will repeat myself, audio-books are not for the lazy. Do you know how much effort and acquired skill it takes to not space out while listening to an audio book!? A LOT. I just completed my first audio-book, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between (long title, I know), and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised!

Let’s do this in list format, it’ll be less painful than having to jumble my words together and make a coherently written sentence. My brain is tired.


1) I can multi-task! I just mindlessly scrubbed every nook and cranny in my house, didn’t even realize what I was doing. Hmm… I probably shouldn’t drive and ‘audio’.

2) This ties in with point number one. I always hear people say “I’m too busy to read.” Um, no excuses now! You can do ANYTHING and listen to an audio! Get some headphones and one of those nifty phone-holder-arm-thingies. Look, Ma! No hands!

3) You hear the words in the intended tone. I found myself thinking “I bet that wouldn’t have been funny if I had only read it”.


1) I easily space out; and then I look like I’ve gone coo-coo to my husband.

2) I’m a ‘quote girl’, I love writing down quotes from books I’ve read, especially since I use them for my reviews. Can’t do this with an audio, I have to pull out my laptop and put my superfast-typing-fingers to work. Which really isn’t a con, more of a personal problem.

3) The earbuds… You must have a good set! A) I got tangled in my chord and nearly died and B) OW! To those jogging headphones- never again. Also, not really a con.

Well, there you have it. There really isn’t a con to audio books, as long as you can stay focused. I will, however, still be buying paperbacks. There’s nothing more amazing than the smell of a freshly printed book. So, go pick out a book! There’s nothing holding you back!

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