-Review: The Brightest Night by Jennifer Armentrout-

THIS IS BOOK 3, so I’m not posting ‘What’s It All About?’ because spoilers suck.

My review is pretty spoiler free, though.

Bullet style

•I like this cover A LOT better than the old style.

•Still loving this new political JLA, bringing up all sorts of “controversial” topics and owning it.

•If you’ve read the Lux series, there are some inconsistencies, which is really irritating.

•Lots of lovey dovey. Like lots.

•Super slow going for a good majority…

•Pretty much everything you thought you knew is wrong. Oh so wrong. That’s all I can say. (But I likes it. Even if I’m still confused ?.)

Not a spoiler but kind of a spoiler? Get ready for cliffhanger hell, because that’s where you’ll be living until the next book. OF COURSE.


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