-Bookish Fun-


Here are some of my faves that were posted to the Candace Reads Books FB Page: 

  •  “Appeared to be struggling with himself. ‘Nein’ he repeated 7 times.” – The Book Thief
  • “Technically, it wasn’t Sparks’ fault he wasn’t thinking exactly clearly when he went to pick up Dan.”
  • ‘Dissension’ Harry whispered, tapping the stone witch again.
  • He parted my legs and entered me!
  • “But now, he’s taken a married woman, and he was ashamed of himself for it.”
  •  “The sooner I could divest myself of him safely, the better.”
  • “Rats streaming in through one of the walls and a skeleton climbing out of a hole in the ground!”
  • “She immediately regretted her decision”
  •  “He couldn’t trust her not to think winning her argument was more important than protecting his sister,”
  • “I wore it twice but I don’t think he ever noticed”
  • “Wonderful life.”
  • “He kisses my forehead.”
  • “He looked guilty.”

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