-Butter Beer at Starbucks-

Image result for butterbeer at starbucksYou don’t have to go to a theme park to taste the delicious Butter Beer anymore. You can get it at the fifty different Starbucks that are all within a five mile radius of you. It’s from their *Shhh* Secret Menu.


  1. Cookie Dough Frappuccino 
  2. Cap’n Crunch Frap  
  3. Thin Mint Frap 
  4. S’mores Frap 
  5. Red Starburst Frap (WTF!? YAS.)
  6. Teddy Grahams Frap
  7. Fruity Pebbles Frap
  8. Cookie Crisp Frap
  9. Rainbow Sherbet Frap

SOME of these are harder to get than others, because they don’t always have the ingredients on hand. But the majority are ready-set-go! For hundreds of more secret items, including teas, lattes, and all sorts of craziness… Check out Starbucks Secret Menu. 

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