-Dr. Suess Day-

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March 2nd is the spectacular day that Dr. Suess was born! 

Could you imagine a childhood without Green Eggs & Ham?

Or not getting into trouble with Thing 1 and Thing 2? 

A life without One Fish, two fish, red fish, and the infamous blue fish. 

What if we never Hopped and Popped with a Fox in Socks? 

What if we never stole Christmas with the Grinch, or saved the world with the Lorax? 

Without him, who would have told us we’d move mountains one day? Or that a person is a person no matter how small? 

Without Dr. Suess, no one would have known the more you read the more you’ll know. 

So lets celebrate Read Across America Day in style! From 2:30-3:00, our children will Stop and Read. But we as adults, well, we should also read. Because duh.  

Readers are leaders, y’all! Set the example! 

-For Awesome Suess Activites-

*Read Across America with Dr Suess*


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