-Featured Author-

img_7357Kami Garcia is not only a USA Today bestselling author, she is also a #1 NY Times best selling author! Kami is this months Featured Author for a multitude of reasons. The following two being the most important to me. 1) Her writing is MAGICAL! Lookin’ at you, Beautiful Creatures. 2) I met Kami at the RT Convention in Dallas & Vegas. In Vegas, she was giving away pins that read “#IllGoWithYou”. Some of you may know what this stand for, some may not. Either way, I highly suggest you head over to http://www.illgowithyou.org/ to learn more. Kami truly is a beautiful creature, she uses her status to encourage positive action in the world, with no fear of backlash. I admire her, and this pin encouraged me to be more open about my views. Thank you, Kami, for not only your writing, but for being you.

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