-My Rainbow Bookshelf-


This was the start of my endeavor. In my local library there is a tiny little shop that sells books from a dollar to three. It was odd shopping for books by color and not by title, story, or author. But I still managed to find books that I intend to read. One day lol.

-Finished Product- 


  • Shelves are from IKEA, I spray painted the brackets gold. As well as the silver plant pot. 
  • The pink and gold vase is from At Home, and only like 8 bucks or something. 
  • The black and white polka dot plant is from 5 Below, and you guessed it, the pot cost 5 bucks. Plant included. 
  • The vintage teeny tiny clock and black and white striped box are both from Hobby Lobby, totaling in at about 11 dollars. 
  • The ‘THINK’ Rae Dunn paper weight was a gift, but can be found at Marshall’s. Just get there early because professional Rae Hunters are always on the prowl. 
  • And the mirror is from Ross! I never shop at Ross, but I was feeling froggy. Only cost me 24 bucks! 

So, minus the mirror, the entire project cost about forty-five dollars. Not too shabby for an entire corner being transformed. 

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