-Our Bookish Wedding & Four Year Anniversary-


Today is the Muggle-Husband and mines FOUR year wedding anniversary!

When we started planning, I knew I wanted to add bookish touches. I wanted it to feel like Twilight and Harry Potter had a baby.

One day, when I’m not so lazy, I’ll make a post with all the pictures. But for now, here is how we did it: 

1) I walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years, which was the song for Bella & Edwards wedding.

2) Our vows ?, they included a quote from Richelle Meads novel, Bloodlines. “Until now, you have lived your life alone. Now, and for the rest of your days, your life will be tied to another’s. Every decision you make will be for both of you. What one does affects the other. You are a family, a team, inseparable and unbreakable.”

3) Our wedding invitations read “After all this time? Always.”

4) Decorations were ornate frames with love quotes from our favorite books.

5) Keys and owls! They were everywhere. On my Maid of Honors bouquet, and glued to whatever I possibly could lol! Because owls & keys are Harry Potter- duh. And birdcages! How can you look at a bird cage (or an owl) and not think HARRY POTTER! ? ??????????

There’s more, but I’m having a brain fart. One day I’ll make an entire blog post… one day ?. I love you, sweet husband. You are truly better than books.

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