-Passed Out Books On Halloween-


I’ve started a new tradition in my neighborhood. Trick or treating children get a piece of candy, (because Belle doesn’t want her house egged or wrapped), and a FREE book. From the help of some wonderful ladies and their donations, I was able to gather over 100 books to hand out.

Surprisingly, kids were MORE excited for the books than the candy; which may be because I bought the cheap shit, but whatever. They loved it, and now a hundred kids have a new book.

BONUS:  A little girl dressed as Belle hugged me. Now I want to run away to Disney World and play the part for the rest of my life.

Readers are leaders, y’all! START THEM YOUNG. Spread the love of reading. Because statistics say, most readers grow up to not be ass holes, due to having wonderful fictional characters as their heroes. (Statistics solely made up in my head: don’t sue me.)


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