-Review: From Blood & Ash by Jennifer Armentrout-

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**ARC was provided in exchange for an HONEST review.**

First off, I knew about this surprise book for almost a month and wasn’t allowed to say anything… So here’s a big ol’ freaking pat on my back for keeping the secret. It was supposed to debut at Appolycon, but Rona said “nah,” cuz she a hoe.

A lot of people are comparing From Blood & Ash to A Court of Thorns and Roses, I didn’t feel that way. The biggest similarities were the 600+ page freaking length, and similar titles (but lets be real, that’s the publishers doing). Ever since George R.R. Martin came out with titles like “Song of Fire and Ice,” there’s been a push for these types of titles. Anyways… on to the real review.

Everything you’ve come to expect from Armentrout is there: humor, bad ass heroine, romance, and a bit of action. And I’m super excited that vampires are making a come back! It was good. It was. A bit “been there done that,” but I think there’s room to grow with this new world.

I do think it could’ve been MUCH shorter, lots of filler that could’ve been done away with. The ride felt slow until the end, which is even more of a reason I felt much of it could’ve been cut.

There’s twists and turns, “seasoned” Jlander readers will probably guess early on, but newbies will be suprised AF.

Overall it was good. I want to see where this goes, so I’ll def be reading the next!

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