-Review: Jonah by Brenda Rothert-

What’s It All About?


I don’t do relationships. A federal agent whose life revolves around rescuing kidnapped children, I’ve got no interest in catching any man who’s not a criminal. So when my new assignment in Chicago requires me to get closer to a VIP Chicago Blaze fan, Blaze goalie Jonah West is the perfect cover. Like me, he’s too focused on his career to make time for love, dates or even hookups.


I had my great love, and I lost her. No woman will ever compare to the blond ray of sunshine who left me half a man three years ago. And even though I help out my police officer brother by pretending to be head over heels for Reyna, it’s just a farce to put an evil man behind bars. Reyna is a fierce, raven-haired cop with steely eyes and a foul mouth—not my type in the slightest. But when lines get blurred, my fake feelings for Reyna become more real than anything I thought my beat-up heart could ever feel again.

My Thoughts?

Jonah could’ve been twice as long with how many important topics it dove into- equality for the LGBTQ community, abuse, child trafficking, grief, romance/love, gender roles, etc… The foundation was there, but the house wasn’t built.

By the end, though, I had throughly fell in love with the main characters.

Unfortunately, in the first 1/4 of the book, I was a bit put off by the “you aren’t like other women, are you?” narrative. The theme seemed to hope for breaking gender roles(love this!), but instead reinforced stereotypes.

There were also A LOT of plot holes to the hole undercover story line… again, I think this could’ve been solved if the book had been longer. (I also wish there was a bit more thrill, it started off that way and quickly died off.)

All in all, an enjoyable and super quick read. And the romance scenes were 100% ??? as always.

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