-Review of The Return by Jennifer Armentrout-


Book: The Return 
Author: Jennifer Armentrout
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Series: Titan
Rating: 3-star

My Review in a Nutshell:

The Titan Series is a spin-off of the Covenant Series. I have NOT read the Covenant Series. Everything that you need to know about the Covenant is explained very early on! So woohoo!

I’m going to be real honest. I avoided this series like the plague. Mostly because the Covenant and Vampire Academy are extremely similar. So I opted out and am now extra late to the party.

What I can say is,  the Titan series is pretty dang awesome. And super, duper freaking sexy. The main guy, Seth, is a horn dog on a stick. At first, his constant references to his boners were annoying, but he grew on me.

Josie… Sweet, sweet, Josie. I love her.  She’s a little bland, but I would totally pick her as a BFF.

Plot wise: Extra fast, super fun! Lots of action and holy guacamole moments.

Jennifer Armentrout always brings the sex, the laughs, and the bad-assery. I’m eager to read the second book!

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