-The Perfect Bookish Gift: A Book That Takes Its Time-

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“I felt like a 4 year old seeing a pop-up book for the first time.”

I am 100% guilty of buying those cute little books that you fill out, using it for like one sitting, then shoving it away.

But a friend of mine suggested this one to me and y’all, I freaking love it.

In between all the really creative activities, there’s articles on ‘Power of Screentime’, recipes, ‘30 Day Positivity Challenge’, stickers, post cards, drawing, fill-in lists, and SO much more. Some of the pages open up to huge posters, and I swear I felt like a 4 year old does the first time they see a pop-up book.

I’m ACTUALLY going to do this one, and I’m excited! Thank you, Britney, for suggesting it !

Get it! https://amzn.to/2J7b2lo



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