-We Told Six Lies By Victoria Scott-

Image may contain: textNormally I don’t post about books that aren’t out yet, but this synopsis got me like 👀👀👀.

What’s It All About? 

Remember how many lies we told, Molly? It’s enough to make my head spin. You were wild when I met you, and I was mad for you. But then something happened. And now you’re gone.

But don’t worry. I’ll find you. I just need to sift through the story of us to get to where you might be. I’ve got places to look, and a list of names.

The police have a list of names, too. See now? There’s another lie. There is only one person they’re really looking at, Molly.

And that’s yours truly.

To Read: https://amzn.to/2R5mkaz
It comes out in March, I’ll post again as a reminder. But you can pre-order it if you want 😁.

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