-Yay! We Can Vote!-

1969– Lyndon B. Johnson signs an executive order that government contractors can’t deny a job to a woman, simply because she is a woman.

1972– An education amendment prohibits sex discrimination in education programs. Are you noticing a lot of repeats? *Rolls Eyes* 

1973– You can’t segregate your ‘help wanted’ ads. Example: WE ARE ONLY HIRING MEN, was a loop hole around hiring women. But not anymore!

1974– Housing discrimination against women is outlawed. Notice that even though things are put in place to stop this kind of thing, some men still found FREAKING LOOP HOLES. 

1982– The Equal Rights Amendment falls short of ratification. Meaning, a lot of states wasn’t for equal rights.

1983– RIDE SALLY RIDE. First woman in space!

1986– Once again, the Supreme Court has to specify what sexual harassment in the work place is. Because, you know, those damn loop-holes.

1994– The Violence Against Women Act funds services for funding of those who are victims of rape or domestic violence. AND a woman or man can sue the person who rapes or beats them. Six years later, you can’t sue anymore.

2009– Victims of pay discrimination can file a complaint with the government.

2012– The Paycheck Fairness Act, another attempt to end the wage gap fails in the Senate on a party-line vote. Two years later. Republicans filibuster the bill… twice.

2013– In 1994, women were banned from military combat. In 2013 the ban is overturned.

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