In Deep, #2 of TBA


Book: In Deep, #2 of TBA
Series: Lockhart Brothers
Author: Brenda Rothert
Publisher and Publication Date: 07/10/15
Pages: 244
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3-star

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*

My Review in a Nutshell:

In Deep was much lighter in contrast to Deep Down. Without comparison to its predecessor, it still lacked a certain oomph, plot wise. But was made up for by an abundance of steamy scenes and an extremely lovable leading lady. She reminds me of myself in a way.

What’s It All About?

Mason is rich, smart, and undeniably handsome, living up to the Lockhart name. But what the Lockhart family doesn’t know, is Mason leads a dangerous double life. Keeping his secret was easy until he met April, Ivy’s best friend. April’s first week in Lovely started off with a bang, first with her unpleasant run-in with the hot yet despicable Mason, then finding herself in a deadly situation as the house mother of the Grieves House. For reasons Mason does not understand, he feels instinctively protective over her, and wants to keep her safe from any future threats, whether she likes it or not.

My Thoughts?

I think my main issue was with Mason, April said it best, “I’m ambivalent about him”. When he was with April, it was HOT and hilarious! I love a romance that begins with an insult, and boy, could they dish them out. Away from her, though, he was womanizing (I can’t say this word without singing Britney) to a point that irritated me. Eventually, I warmed up to him and stopped rolling my eyes, just took me longer than usual to get there. April on the other hand was the polar opposite for me, I LOVE her! She’s quirky, quick witted/intelligent, clumsy, and a book worm, she’s basically my soul sister. April’s story is not epically dramatic, rather relying mostly on her voice to pull the weight, which it did. She was the main reason I enjoyed this book. I assumed the characters’ lives would bring the same intensity as Deep Down, but this was not the case. The stakes are less high, with tidbits of “oh shit” moments, but nothing that kept me on my toes for too long.

All in all, I enjoyed In Deep. I wish there was a little more climax story-wise, DEFINITELY wasn’t lacking climax in other ways, if you catch my drift. And as always, a beautiful message was intertwined within the pages, teaching us about confidence and self-doubt, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, yes indeedy.

My Favorite Quotes:

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

unspoken barely-breathing

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