-It’s All About Presentation-

I love my books, but I don’t like chaotic clutter! Here are some cute ways to display those precious novels with-out giving you an anxiety attack! or is that just me? 


1.Bird cages and books!? Yes, please. Harry Potter has forever kept me obsessed with bird cages.


2. It doesn’t get any easier than this! Stack some color coordinating books haphazardly and stick a vase on top. Boom.


3. Call your local hardware store and ask for a wooden wire spool! They will give them to you for FREE! That’s what this is; slap a coat of paint on and wah-lah.


4. Dollar Tree metal baskets! Just nail those thingies into the wall!


5. Sturdiness? Not so sure. I don’t think i’d be as brave as these people and put a candle on top of books…Very flammable books… But the concept is awesome! These books most likely cost less than a unreasonably overpriced night stand.


6. Something tells me I couldn’t turn my books around for the sanctity of color scheming, but I do LOVE the idea of sticking them in wicker baskets.


7. STICK THEM IN YO FIREPLACE! Tip: Remove before turning fire place on..


8. If you don’t want to stick your books in the fireplace, place them on top in a beautifully eclectic arrangement and adorn them with nick-knacks.


9. This gem is called a Book Spine! I love it for multiple reasons. 1) You don’t have to mess with decorating a book SHELF. 2) It’s simplistic and small, perfect for smaller rooms. 3) It’s unique, not like the typical bookshelf. I am for sure buying one.


10. This one is just for shits and giggles, so we can all ooh and aah over it. I would’t know where to begin on turning a closet into a book nook.



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