Life Laughs: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On


Book: Life Laughs: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On
Author: Jenny McCarthy
Publisher and Publication Date: Penguin Publishing Group, 03/27/07
Pages: 240
Genre: Family Humor, Mothers Biography
Rating: 4-star

 My Review in a Nutshell: 

I am a firm believer that Jenny McCarthy is the original Hot Mess Mom, if we have learned anything from her first book, Belly Laughs. She started it all: yoga pants, mass amounts of wine, griping about our children with no filter, and of course the inability to cook a decent meal. The same vulgarity and honesty of Belly Laughs rolls into one of her most recent books, Life Laughs.

What’s It All About?

Jenny McCarthy divulges her most embarrassing, empowering and heart breaking moments as a mother going through divorce. Proving that no matter the circumstances, you can make a Britney Spears circa 2009? 10? (Who freaking knows) comeback.

My Thoughts?

McCarthy is more than a blonde bombshell, she actually has a BRAIN, and you can’t stereotype McCarthy after reading any of her books. I was going through a particularly rough time while reading this, and as dramatic as it seems, it really saved me. I no longer felt alone in my woes. A) McCarthy is freaking hilarious, taking the most God awful moments of her life and finding the hilarity in it. B) She has A LOT of really good advice on how to live a happier life. I would consider Life Laughs a self-help book, sounds odd, but it sure as hell helped me.

I read this entire book aloud to my husband on a three drive. We laughed our asses off and it made the trip WAY more enjoyable. Thank God, because after 3 hours of being in a car, I usually turn into a cranky shrew. ANYWAYS! If you need a good laugh, and some bomb-ass advice on marriage, parenting and life in general, this is the best route to go. It surely beats a boring self-help book with a 10 step program. Yack.

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