Wait for You, #1 of 6


Book: Wait for You, #1 of 6
Series: Wait for You
Author: Jennifer Armentrout writing as J.Lynn
Publication Date: 02/23/13
Pages: 332
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4-star

My Review in a Nutshell:

Jennifer Armentrout’s talent knows no bounds, bouncing between YA, NA, and paranormal seems to be effortless for her. All of her books carry over similar traits, such as her trademark humor, knock your socks off romance, and mystery that keeps you guessing until the final moments. Wait For You being no different! So imagine my excitement when I found out she writes more mature romances under a pen name- J.Lynn! It claims to be NA, but I would most definitely consider this ALL ADULT.

What’s It All About?

Five years ago, Avery’s life was forever altered at a Halloween party. Her only escape was to move a thousand miles away from home and enroll in a college where no one knew her. A fresh start and solitude was all she wanted. Unexpectedly, she begins to fall for a witty and charming hunk who has the ultimate hots for her. The last thing she wants is a relationship, but something about him allows her to let her guard down, if only a little. Avery’s life begins to fall into place, until she starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls. She then realizes no matter how far she flees, her past will always haunt her, find her, and attempt to destroy her.

My Thoughts?

Romances are a fairly simple concoction (not saying they’re easily written), and Wait For You has all of the necessary ingredients; 1) Lovable characters with secrets, 2) heart-breaking pasts that must be overcome, 3) numerous amounts of romantical swoon-worthy moments, 4) sex and laughter, you can’t have one without the other, it’ll just get awkward. I liked the college setting and quirky supporting characters that brought a light-heartedness to what could’ve been a dark book. I bit all of my nails off, odd for a romance, but the suspense of Avery’s past was intense.

Over all, I loved this book. Jennifer classily tackled a difficult topic and swirled love into the mix, producing a beautiful, tear inducing read that kept me on my toes! Wait for You can be easily devoured in a day, so what are you waiting for!?

My Favorite Quotes:

“You’ve been checking me out, haven’t you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”

“As long as the sun’s shining, shit can’t be that bad.”


deep-down bound

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