moonBook: Moonlight Scandals, #3 of 3
Series: de Vincent Series
Author: Jennifer Armentrout
Pages: 400
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4-star

What’s It All About? 

Publisher Overview: Even a ghost hunter like Rosie Herpin couldn’t have foreseen the fateful meeting between two mourners that has brought her so intimately close to the notorious and seductive Devlin de Vincent. Everyone in New Orleans knows he’s heir to a dark family curse that both frightens and enthralls. To the locals, Devlin is the devil. To Rosie, he’s a man who’s stoking her wildest fantasies. When a brutal attack on her friend is linked to the de Vincents, he becomes a mystery she may be risking her life to solve.

Devlin knows what he wants from this sexy and adventurous woman. But what does Rosie want from him? It’s a question that becomes more pressing—and more dangerous—when he suspects her of prying into the shadows of his past.

Now, the legends surrounding the de Vincents may not be myths at all. But if she’s to discover the truth, she must follow them straight into the arms of the man she can’t resist—the handsome devil himself.

My Thoughts?

I received and ARC of Moonlight Scandals in exchange of an honest review.

I’m in a group on Facebook where ARC readers discuss all things Jennifer. People kept posting OMG chapter 19, then it turned in to OMG chapter 32. These chapters became a bit famous, so of course I sped read to get to them.

Y’all. I OMG’d with them. The proverbial poo hits the fan! Then again. And again.

This is by far my favorite Moonlight novel. Plot twist and scary vibes are my jam, especially when a bit of paranormal is sprinkled on top.

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