Alpha Mail by Brenda Rothert


Book: Alpha Mail
Author: Brenda Rothert
Publisher and Publication Date: Silver Sky Publishing, 10/24/17
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4-star

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*

What’s It All About? 

Sienna Mills knows her alpha males.
They brood.
They growl.
They love the word ‘mine’.
After spending her early twenties in and out of relationships with alphas, Sienna used her knowledge to found Alpha Mail, a booming business that allows women to sign up for emails, letters and texts from their own brooding, red-blooded man.
Her star is on the rise and Sienna is attracting the interest of investors when a mysterious man starts messaging her about the true nature of an alpha. She’s got it all wrong, he says, and he’s willing to show her how a real man makes women respond.
The more Sienna hears from him, the more aggravated she becomes. Who does this anonymous, supposed alpha think he is, anyway?
And yet…she can’t deny his messages are becoming the best part of her days. Commitment-phobic Sienna finds herself wanting more from her sensei of seduction. But is she willing to trust her heart to an alpha again?

My Thoughts?

I live for fresh spins on the typical repertoire of romance novels! Did you know it’s possible to fall in love with a character without even knowing who they are!? Well, it is. And it’s hot. The mystery man who is emailing Sienna made my toes tingle! I needed to know who he was, and the myriad of prospective Alpha’s kept me on my tingly toes.

Bonus Points: Brenda ALWAYS writes these amazingly lovable, jump-off-the-page, independent women. We NEED MORE OF THIS. She writes them strong without it being annoying. Like “Oh, she can change her own tire” *Rolls Eyes* Her characters represent modern women, we are fierce without literary tropes, and Brenda knows this. #WOMENPOWER

Warning: There’s a side plot which laces through the story and will rip your heart out. Prepare the band-aids and Vodka.

Favorite Quotes: 

“This is unconditional love. It fuels me and guts me at the same time.”

“Windshields are bigger than rear view mirrors for a reason, you know. Look forward, not back.”

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