Bodice Ripper


Bodice Ripping ‘in a nutshell’


“I’m always ripping bodices!”

Are you reading a Bodice Ripper? Here’s a check-list. 

  • There’s a heroine in trouble and she needs to be saved by a rich, sexy dude.
  • Most of the time, the rich, sexy dude is the reason she’s in trouble and needing to be saved.
  • The heroine most likely hates her love-interest in the beginning.
  • Sex scenes. Lots of sex scenes.
  • Heroine probably has big boobs.

A bodice is the part of a woman’s dress that is above her waist.

A famous example would be that of Jack Sparrow saving the drowning Elizabeth in Pirates of Caribbean. Elizabeth (Kiera Knightley)  loses consciousness due to the outrageously painful and lung-restricting bodice. Unfortunately for her, she was standing next to a cliff and plummets in to the ocean. But, low and behold, Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) jumps in to save her. He rips her bodice off in one swift motion, saving the damsel in distress.  It. Was. Hot. To say the least. Until he took her hostage and pointed a gun to her head- oopsies!



The modern romance genre came to America in 1972, when Avon published Kathleen Woodwiss’s novel, The Flame of the Flower. Avon decided America was ready for the ultra-ultra smutty books whenever they became popular in Great Britain- Thanks, GB!

The covers of these novels had half-naked women posing promiscuously with hot guys. And the women ALWAYS wore bodices. Nine times out of ten, there’s a scene that included the male sexily ripping the bodice from her body. Oh la la! Born: The Bodice Ripping Era.

The nicknamed was coined rather quickly, and used often.

 Trevor: Hey Jeff’s mom, what’s that you’re reading?
Jeff’s mom: Oh it’s called “A Knight for Alice.” It’s a lovely romance set in 1500’s England. Very sweet and adventurous.
Jeff: Mom, give it up. Everyone knows that’s just a bodice-ripper.

Jeff should learn to watch his mouth. But you get the point!


So, now you know what a Bodice Ripper is, and are probably wondering why I keep capitalizing it. I don’t have a reason. It’s like a secret group of romance readers, it deserves to be capitalized.


There’s a bookstore in California named ‘The Ripped Bodice’! They are the only bookstore in the United States that sells ONLY romance novels. Check out how freakin’ whimsical and amazing this place is. IT IS LIKE HEAVEN.









The owners with the original gangster- fabio!

Check out their Facebook: The Ripped Bodice 

Just For Shit’s And Giggles. Literally.


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