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Okay, let’s get real. There has NEVER been a book to movie adaption that stayed on script to the original writing. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the movies for what they are, and see our favorite characters come to life! And the amazing perk of Hollywood changing everything up is, you can watch the movie and still happily read the book without it feeling completely spoiled! Here are 10 Candace Reads approved book-to-movies for you!

(In no particular order)

1. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Cheerleaders and athletes run the school. Snobby, obsessive, American Revolutionaries run the town. Don’t dare to be different, or you will be out-casted. Ethan Wate wants nothing more than to flee small-town Gatlin; until Lena Duchannes shows up and ruffles everyone’s feathers. He’s seen her in his dreams, and there’s an undeniable connection between the two of them. But Ethan quickly discovers Lena comes from a family of Casters who are cursed. On Lena’s 16th birthday, she will be Claimed to either the dark or light side. The odds are against Lena and Ethan, will they be able to overcome Lena’s Claiming, and the wrath of Gatlin’s citizens?

2. the 5th wave by rick yancey


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The aliens came out of nowhere, but they technically did not appear at all. They were among humans all along- waiting, watching, and learning. And when they decided to strike, they took out seven billion humans, through what are now called ‘waves’. The 1st wave, electricity is gone. Followed up with the 2nd, literal wave, a tsunami that killed millions. Then the worst thus far, the 3rd wave- disease. Sixteen year old Cassie Sullivan has survived the first three waves and is now alone in the woods, barely surviving. Her will to live being a promise to rescue her brother. On her suicidal mission across country, she encounters the mysterious and handsome Evan Walker. Evan may be the only chance to save her brother; but in a world where the enemy is unclear, do you take the risk and trust? That’s if she can survive the next two waves.

3. the fault in our stars by john green


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The Fault in Our Stars is narrated by Hazel, a sixteen year old girl who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her life has become monotonous as she spends her time reading, doing school work, and going to doctor’s appointments. But everything changes when she attends a support group for children with cancer. There, she meets the one and only dream boat, Augustus Waters. Per Augustus’s spontaneous ways, her life is no longer monotonous, but an adventure.

4. the great gatsby by scott f. fitzgerald


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? You know what’s it all about.

5. my sisters keeper by jodi picoult


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Fourteen-year old Anna Fitzgerald’s conception was based solely due to her dying sister, Kate, needing a bone marrow transplant. Per Anna’s parents and scientists, they genetically engineered Anna to be a perfect genetic match. But it didn’t end there, Anna has been poked, prodded and gone through numerous surgeries to save her sisters’ life. Never feeling loved by her mother, or more than a tool to save Kate, Anna makes the bold decision to sue her parents for the rights to her own body. But the clock is ticking, Kate needs a kidney transplant or she will die. My Sister’s Keeper rotates between several characters’ perspectives, including the entire Fitzgerald family as well as Anna’s lawyer, flashing between past and present events leading to Anna’s court decided fate.

6. the vampire academy by richelle mead

WARNING: This movie sucked! bad! but if you have read the book and want to laugh at the HILARITY of mtv’s DESTRUCTION of this wonderful series, have at it. consider it a comedy! 


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? I’m going to do everyone a favor and break down the VA lingo before I give a summary. A vampire is, well, a vampire, but they can wield magical abilities, each specific to the vampire. A Dhampir is half-human, half-vampire; they do not have magic, but they are physically strong, much stronger than humans or vampires and are born to protect vampires. The Strigoi are BAD vampires, they feed to kill, and are not born, but made (that is explained later). In a nutshell, Rose (Dhampir) and Lissa (vampire) ran away from the infamous Vampire Academy (where you learn all things Vampire and Dhampir), in fear for Lissa’s safety. But they have now been forced to return. Someone is after Lissa, and it is up to Rose to protect her while simultaneously dealing with high-school BS; and of course, their love lives, which are becoming more and more complicated.

7. hunger games by suzanne collins


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Once again, you know what’s it all about. But a list of books to movie would not be complete without this gem. I could watch it a thousand times and never tire of it!

8. perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? It’s 1991 and Charlie just began his sophomore year of high school. He’s not a loser, but he isn’t popular, either. Charlie manages to make some new friends that introduce him to a different side of high school, the more rebellious side. Being an introvert and overly-sensitive, he struggles with putting himself out there. But, if not now, then when?

9. the sookie stackhouse series by charlaine harris

sookie had the honor of being turned into a tv series aka true blood! time to binge!


 WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic cock-tail waitress at the local bar in a “sneeze and you’ll miss it” Louisiana town. Small towns do not take well to unique people; Sookie was labeled an outcast very early on due to her mind reading ability. But, the world is changing, vampires have come out of the shadows and are now living among the humans. Sookie is sucked into the not-so-secret society when she begins dating a vampire, and with that, comes a slew of new problems for her already difficult life.

10. game of thrones by george r. r. martin


WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic. It’s the depiction of two powerful families — kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men — playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne.(Wikapedia) ALSO, IT HAS KHALEESI, QUEEN OF DRAGONS! NUF’ SAID!


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