Dirty Secret, #2 of 2

Book: Dirty Secret
Author: Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3-star

*Arc provided in exchange for an honest review.*

My Review in a Nutshell:

Dirty Secret is not your typical contemporary romance, filled with an emotional and deep-level connection between characters, with a plot-line that pulls at your heartstrings. Rather, the romance was lust-filled with a high-stakes thrilling plot.  Different from its predecessor, but entertaining nonetheless.

What’s it all about?

Kennedy has lived as her congressman father’s dirty secret for far too long, so she’s striking out on her own. She is now an undercover agent for an intelligence agency, living a double-life as saucy Eva. Her current target being Nix, a computer hacker who has stolen millions. She must get close to him and gain information that will lock him away for good. Easy, right? Wrong! The moment their eyes meet, sparks fly. What seemed like a cut and dry mission, is now anything but.

My Thoughts?

I enjoyed the update on Jude and Reagan from Dirty Work! And Kennedy’s father was touched on, as well, but not dwelled on, which was nice. Dirty Secret broke away from the political correctness of Dirty Work and went in the completely opposite direction. I loved the change of setting, pace, and vibe. Kennedy and Nix are both alphas, a rarity in the romance world. Kennedy is a hardcore undercover agent, and behind closed doors, she’s just as intense. Put them two together and WOW. I do wish there was more of an emotional connection, especially from Nix, his thoughts flip flopped like a fish out of water.  But what had me turning the pages like a mad-woman was the angst of how it would all work out. She is an undercover agent falling for a criminal! Like, WHAT!? HOW!?

Although the dynamics of Kennedy and Nix’s relationship were a little scattered, it was made up for in other ways. The sexual tension and suspense could be cut with a knife. I need more than that, though. Although this book isn’t my cup of tea, it may very well be yours.

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