Four: A Divergent Story Collection


Book: Four: A Divergent Story Collection
Series: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Publisher and Publication Date: HarperCollins Publishers, 07/08/14
Pages: 208
Genre: Dystopia, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Stories
Rating: 3-star

 My Review in a Nutshell:

By the end of the Divergent series, I despised everything Veronica Roth, for obvious reasons. I still do not know what compelled me to read Four, but I am glad I did! Four semi-healed the permanent scar that Allegiant had left on my heart.

**If you have not finished the Divergent series, STOP reading this review. Seriously, STOP.**


What’s It All About?

Four is a collection of four short stories from Tobias’ perspective. Some of which are pre-Tris, some are during the Divergent series. None of them are post-Allegiant, unfortunately.

My Thoughts?

Let’s start off with the elephant in my room, it may even be in your room, too. Allegiant sucked. You kill off the main character in that manner, then you basically kill the book.  Stories live within us once you finish reading, but when you destroy a story the way Roth did, there’s nothing left to cherish. There is no “life after the pages end”, there’s nothing, nada, zilch. Luckily, our saving grace has arrived- FOUR!

Connecting to Four on a deeper level allowed me to feel at peace with Allegiants end. Although Tris did not survive, Four did, reminding me that at least someone didn’t get royally screwed (he was screwed, but at least he’s breathing). I enjoyed reading from his perspective and learning more about life before Tris. Also, there were so many holes in Divergent that I did not even realize until I read Four!

So, while I am not usually a fan of alternate perspective novels, this one was a win for me! I don’t have the strong urge to catch all of Roth’s books on fire anymore. Yay me!


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