Gameboard of the Gods, #1 of TBA


Book: Gameboard of the Gods, #1 of TBA
Series: Age of X
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher and Publication Date: Dutton Adult, 06/04/13
Pages: 448
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Mythology
Rating: 4-star

My Review in a Nutshell:

I devoured this book! Surprisingly, so did my husband. It’s definitely not your typical Richelle Mead series, but good, nonetheless. Duel narration, futuristic dystopian setting, romantical chemistry, and magic! Oh my!

What’s It All About?

In North America, religion controlled everything, and religious extremists destroyed that world in a fight for power. Now, North America is known as RUNA, a country where religion is taboo. The Government and technology now control everything. Mae is a member of the government’s military, an exclusive branch of enhanced soldiers with superhuman skills. Mae has been sent to a neighboring country to retrieve a mysteriously exiled investigator. Together, they must work to solve a string of ritualistic murders. What they don’t realize, is the gods are in control, and they’re merely pawns dancing on the edge of danger with every step.

My Thoughts?

Mead opted to not write in her typical first person perspective, which I was initially wary of, but rather enjoyed. On top of that, you are reading from Mae AND Justin’s perspectives; shockingly, I enjoyed Justin more! His suave debonair attitude is alluring, and levels out Mae’s ‘no BS’, strictly business persona. A LOT of mystery and suspense goes into this story, whether it’s the case they’re on, Mae and Justin’s past, or the world in general. Lots of surprise twists and romantic tension. I stayed intrigued, but often confused by the overwhelming amount of new-world vocabulary that wasn’t being explained. I believe this was intentional, but still, I had to continuously reread pages and repeatedly came up empty. That’s basically my only complaint.

You can tell Mead really stepped out of her comfort zone with this one, and it paid off! The amount of work put into building this world must’ve been astronomical. A promising start to an amazing series.

My Favorite Quotes:

“Wise men don’t need concrete answers. By definition, they need wisdom.”

“I can understand bitchiness in any language.”


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