Harry Potter Ambiance In Your Home

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I LOVE bringing the stories I love to life inside my home. Harry Potter being the numero uno! Here are some brilliant ways to bring a little bit of that magic into your house.

1. When i think of Hogwarts, i imagine OVER SIZED VINTAGE chairs and dark woods.


2. This picture frame was used in my wedding. Just print out your favorite Harry Potter Quote and abracadabra, a one of a kind piece.


3. front yard decor! the whole NEIGHBORHOOD needs to know your obsession!


4. Old suit cases and bird cages galore!


5. I LOVE this! antique keys always remind me of harry potter, especially when they’re flying around the room.


6.love it. done it. one of my fave ways to incorporate literature into my homes.


7. hobby lobby has all of the supplies! make it your own by INCORPORATING your favorite fantasy places!


8. i am going to brag, this is in my house, and no i didn’t paint it. the house came with it. as i’ve said before, i am a firm believer in fate ;).


9. every family home needs a wand station for easy access! duh!


10. i never knew a LIGHT SWITCH could make me so happy.


11. HAHHAHA! i need this.


12. the harry potter wall!! the whole reason i bought my house. my husband wanted to paint over it, the kids and i vetoed him.


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