-Amazon Banned The Wild By K. Webster-

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and textAmazon banned the digital copy of The Wild by K. Webster for its taboo content. I read for enjoyment, not as a social experiment to see if my brain is going to tell my stomach to barf.

This book would make me barf.

Here’s the gist of it. Man adopts a baby girl, man falls in love with girl, even more so as she becomes a teenager. So, when she turns 16, they run off to have sex. Lots of it, because this is a romance novel. Oh, and the girl doesn’t know that he’s her ‘adoptive’ father. (not that it matters)

I’m always an advocate for freedom to read whatever the hell you please. But this… It’s too much. Incest is taboo, yes… The Wild  is more than incest, it is child pornography. I don’t think I need to convince anyone how awful the content is, so i’ll refrain from quoting the disgusting details of the book.

Men and women go to jail for having sex with an underage CHILD. How is this any different? Glorifying this as a fantasy is disgusting.

The overview of The Wild offers a warning of its taboo material, and how it may make you squirm… Uh, yeah. No duh. Also, this isn’t taboo, this is bullshit.

I find it disturbing that a novel this horrific is coming from a notable romance author. The world works in a shitty way,  and when one person does something bad, it reflects on everyone. The Wild book does not represent the world of contemporary romance authors, or taboo topics. Authors get enough shit for their covers, they don’t need this garbage on their plate, too.


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