-Think About It Tuesday: Kristen Simmons on Racism-

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Kristen Simmons: “I recently received a review that accused me of writing mixed-race characters, like myself, for “diversity brownie points.” It’s taken a while to get my feelings in order about this, but here is my response, and what it means to me to be a mixed-race author.”

I’ve thought about adding Think About It Tuesday for a while. There’s a risk, though, that by doing this, my little slice of heaven (a positive place on the internet) would change CRB into a negative environment.

But as readers, we are thinkers, leaders, and thought provokers. We don’t do negative, we THINK and LEARN and GROW.

Here is an article by the amazing Kristen Simmons to kick-off Think About It Tuesday ??. https://medium.com/@kris10simmons/mixed-race-half-enough-929a9f37c2fa

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