-Barnes & Noble Holiday Book Drive-

john-goodmanI don’t know about y’all, but I have an addiction to buying books. I also have an addiction to children’s books, their pretty little covers and sparkly pages, the nostalgia gets all sorts of real.

As usual, Barnes & Nobles is having their HOLIDAY BOOK DRIVE! There are several reasons why I love their book drive over others:

  1. You can buy any damn book you please. There’s not a pre-selected section. Meaning I get to go nuts and grab any book, at any price, that my heart desires. All those books that my kids don’t want but I find unbelievably adorable & gorgeous- I’M BUYING THEM.
  2. The books you purchase are divvied (not a real word, sue me) out to schools in YOUR area.

Spread the love of reading this holiday while you’re feeling charitable and whatnot. Because readers are leaders, and readers don’t grow up to be assholes. Basically, you’re investing in the future of our world. An asshole-less future.

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