-Bettering Candace Reads Books-

I asked my followers on the Candace Reads Books Facebook page how I could better their experience, the response was great!

Side Note: I need to come up with a name for my “followers,” because it feels extra weird referring to y’all as followers.

I’m making this list as more of reminder for myself ?:

•Weekly question from followers. (Ugh, that word again.)

•Interactive Posts

•Bookish Products

•DIY Crafts of the bookish variety.

•Book Giveaways

•Poetry Book Recommendations

•My Current To-Read List (It’s like 189 books, lord help me.)

•Facebook Book Club (This makes me so nervous ?.)

•What I’m currently reading.

•Book Trivia

•Book Lists

•Person of The Week

All of these suggestions are amazing, and will absolutely be implemented! If you have a suggestion, go here:

I would say comment on this post, but comments are turned off automatically after 24hrs. Why, you ask? Because the Bots have figured out how to jump through hurdles and comment 300 times with Viagra ads.

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