-Crazy Things In A Vintage Cosmopolitan Magazine-

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling This is my last vintage Cosmopolitan magazine to read, I’m bummed. But I’m happy to announce that Cosmo became less and less sexist over time.

Here we go, weird shit in a 1944 Cosmo mag!

• Word got around the cigar club that a “charming girl” had bad breath. The woman had to hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her door, and they left her “severely alone.”

• Kotex is born! Tampons for all.

• “Behind Japan’s Fighting Mask, stands our REAL ENEMY.” Then points to a photo of Winston Churchill.

• A ladies stinky vagina almost ruined her marriage. But Lysol swooped in to help, by telling women everywhere to use it… down there.

• Hemroids were called ‘simple piles’.

• “Her hairbrush knows why he gave her the brush off.” Basically, take care of your hair or he’ll dump you.

• Ray Joseph believes they were on the cusp of WW3, with Argentina.

• Medical sciences YOUNGEST branch, psychiatry’s is making strides towards ‘battle shock.’ AKA- PTSD, but the military swore their mental states were due to ear damage from loud guns and a tiny case of ‘war exhaustion.’

• You can bleach your skin…

• Ovaltine lolol.

• Smoke Smudge Iodent removes smoke stains from teeth.’ The slugs part has me worried.

• Advertisement claims women who use tampons are the most alert and progressive. It also says “what can go wrong?” Toxic shock syndrome, anyone?

• You wake up feeling punk because you need a laxative.” LOL what?

• A Midol advertisement tells you to join the war efforts.

• Popular” girls use Cashmere Soap.

• A water proof toothbrush. LIES.

• A cigarette company claims to be “distinguished doctors” approved- Phillip Morris. And if you switch, all throat pain, nose pain, and irritation will clear up!

• A make-up advert: “save your powder until you see the whites of their eyes,” As two handsome soldiers come towards two ladies who are preparing for their flirty-encounter.

• DRY shampoo advert! Yas. It’s called ‘minipoo’ lolol.

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