-Excerpt: Things I Tell My Therapist By Amy Wright, AKA The Drunk Mom-

the-drunk-mom-instaWhat’s It All About? 

Amy’s last book, ‘Becoming the Drunk Mom- The Book’ is described as; 

“Moms aren’t supposed to swear like truckers or talk about how hard day to day life as a parent is… Or that maybe sometimes (only every once in awhile?) their kids are, in fact, @ssholes. But I do!

If you haven’t read my story of teen pregnancy, abuse, depression and learning to live a perfectly imperfect life that I’ve built a comedic following around, it’s free right now!

It’s my story of imperfection, chasing dreams and giving zero f!&@$.”

This time around, Amy will be covering, well, things she tells her therapist. LOL!

If you follow her on Facebook (The Drunk Mom), It’ll be insta-love. Through her witty and blunt banter, she says all the things we wish we could say to, crunchy moms, children, PTA’s, your husband, perverts, internet warriors, and so many more.

But most importantly, she’s giving advice about important topics, using her past as a road guide. She’s been through it, y’all: depression, suicide attempt, an abusive relationship, and a teen pregnancy.

What makes Amy truly special, is while she is helping others, she uses laughter and lots of curse words. Because laughter and cussing are  truly the best medicine.

She’s just so damn relatable. It’s sickening.


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