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UPDATE on July 25th,  2017:

Per Brenda Rothert: “Three more episodes of Sweet Sixteen will be put up on INKLO, and then it will come down from that platform. I will be publishing it as I normally do, as a full length novel, as soon as I finish it, which shouldn’t take me too long. I’m rolling on it now. I wanted to try INKLO, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. Thank you so much to everyone who read Sweet Sixteen on INKLO,”

First off, what is INKLO? In Brenda’s words: 

“Here is a brief description: INKLO is a mobile app and digital self-publishing platform that turns written stories into real-time, social experiences.
Now I’ll break that down into my own terms for you. There’s an app you can download called INKLO. We were waiting for it to launch for Android, but I believe it has. The app is very user-friendly. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be able to follow authors and/or stories to read the new chapter posted each week. Reading stories on INKLO is and always will be FREE. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to partner with INKLO. So you might be thinking this is like Wattpad, but it’s really not. Authors have to be invited to write for INKLO, and only polished, professional stories are included.
There are currently four authors writing for them, and one of them is Rachel Van Dyken, who I just love.

What is Sweet Sixteen about!? So once I launch on INKLO June 18, you will be able to follow me there and each week at the same time, a new installment of my next book will be added. The book is called Sweet Sixteen, and it’s an upper YA/NA like nothing I’ve written before. Here’s a description:
In Roper, Missouri, football is everything. At least, to everyone but high school senior Gin Scott. Gin plans to escape her hometown as soon as she graduates, but her plans to stay under the radar until then are ruined when her secret crush, quarterback Chase Matthews, offers her a coveted spot as one of the Sweet Sixteen. It’s an honor Roper girls dream of, but for independent Gin, it’s more like a nightmare. By rejecting Chase’s invitation, she is ostracized from her classmates, and eventually, most of her town. How sweet it is.

SIDE NOTE: LOVE this cover! One of my faves.

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