-International Book Fairy Day-

book-fairy-day June 24th is International Fairy Day! I plan on celebrating with a day of Tinkerbell movies & hiding books around town… And if I feel like using my brain, i’ll read a Fae book. There are oodles out there now!

Top Faves: 1) Wicked by Armentrout 2) ACOTAR by Sara J. Maas 

ALSO, to celebrate Fairy Day, the amazing ladies over at The Book Fairies are turning it into a literary celebration!

Find out what other Book Fairies are doing at the Book Fairy Directory. Y’all can meet up, swap books, and make some new bookish friends!

If you don’t know what a Book Fairy is, you can find more info here: I Believe In Book Fairies.

For shiz and giggles: Look at these adorable Fairy Gardens. I plan on making a book themed one! 

garden-1 garden-3 garden-4 garden-5 garden


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