-Merriam-Dictionary Word of the Year-

she-who-readsThe Merriam-Dictionary word of the year is… FEMINISM!

Feminism to me is… Social injustice. I don’t think about equal pay, or my lovely right to vote, or any of that.

I think about how my very old-school father would get angry that I did ‘manly’ chores around the house. Not going to lie, my husband wasn’t a fan either. But if the trees need to be trimmed, or the garage needs to be cleaned, or the trash needs to be taken out- I’m gonna fuckin’ do it.

My husband and I are equal. I mean… I kill the cockroach and he’s the one who picks it up… But, still. We are a team. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, and I would never assume he couldn’t do something because he’s a male, and he sure the hell doesn’t assume I can’t fix a dishwasher because I have a vagina. (I You Tubed that shit)

Teach your daughters everything you’d teach your sons, and vice versa. Minus a few key things, like don’t teach your son how to use a tampon. That’s weird.

Here’s to strong women. 

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them. 

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