-Pissy People & International Women’s Day-

Before I begin, you should know I just took two Benadryl (thanks, allergies), and corralled forty 4th graders on a field trip today; you know, just doin’ womanly shit and taking care of kids. 

Today is International Women’s Day. This day commemorates the movement for women’s rights. Like in 1963 when the government decided it was time we were paid equally. Or in 1965 when it finally became legal to take birth control… but only if you’re married! 

Basically, a bunch of super important things like that are celebrated today. 

Today is awesome. But, as always, someone is mad. Because of course. Before I dive in to a sea filled with douche canoes, I need to get this off my chest. For all the men pissed off that “y’all don’t have a day to celebrate’, well, you do, it is November 19th. 

And even if you did not have a special day, no one is trying to make you feel shitty or less important by us celebrating. Does someone else’s birthday feel like an insult to your birthday? No… Then why you mad, bro?  

-Here is how some of the internet reacted to International Women’s Day-

1.  alright, i’ll smile and keep my pretty mouth shut. 

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2. i’ll be sure to not make rude comments on november 19th in an attempt to ruin your day. since you’ve given the same courtesy and all. 

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3. i forget how dramatic we can be. so sorry! and i won’t speak on november 19th, since we asked men to not speak on women’s day. 


4. i’ll apologize on november 19th for having a vagina. does this make you feel better?



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6. International bitch day… good thing we didn’t name it that, men may have felt the need to go on facebook and rant about it. 

In conclusion, we are a bunch of bitches. 

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