-Random Writing Tips-

writeOn Foreshadowing: Anton Chekhov once said that if a gun is introduced in a story, it must be fired at some point. Readers may feel cheated if you don’t develop the coming incidents you’ve teased.

2. Dialogue Errors: Your dialogue may not sound natural. Read it aloud. In fact, read every thing aloud. It helps. 

3. The age old saying ‘show don’t tell’ still stands true. A good rule of thumb: the sentences is usually sufficient. 

4. Tension in a story by Inkandquills.com 

DO NOT make things too easy for your hero. LET your hero struggle through obstacles and even lose battles. DO NOT let all of your characters get along all the time. LET your characters fight, dislike, and mistrust one another. DO NOT resolve all of your conflicts too early. AND… Introduce new conflicts as others are resolved. 

5. From the 10 Minute novelist: Does you first pages have these?

Do you set the stage for the story?

Do you clearly introduce your protagonist?

Do you determine your point of view & Narrative?

Do you introduce a theme?

Do you worry too much about likability?

Do you have a lot of action?

Do you explain the status quo?

Do you explain the deepest longing of the protagonist?

Do you have an inciting incident?

Does your main character cross a threshold?

Do you ask a lot of exciting questions?

remember: these are suggestions, there is no one formula for writing an epic novel. have fun, don’t give up, even start over as many times as you need (i sure the hell do).

do whatever works for you!

Bonus: (Need this for myself)

Change paragraphs when… A new character comes alone. A new event happens. A new idea is introduced. The setting changes. A new person is speaking. Time moves forward or backward a lot. “The camera moves.”


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