-Review: A Light In The Flame by Jennifer Armentrout-

*ARC provided in exchange for review.*

To keep readers engaged and curious with characters that they have possibly seen to the “end” is no easy feat, yet the suspense and emotional turmoil keeps you intrigued. Because you know we all like to be emotionally wrecked after finishing a book- it’s the only way.

‘Intrigued’ can only take you so far, though. Fantasy is known for being long, but a slow moving plot should not be the reason… unless you’re George R.R Martin, then somehow it’s okay.

Things can get a bit confusing with the overwhelming amount of information. Also like Martin…

So pay attention! Take notes if you have to.

I will conclude this with my usual opinion: If you like one Armentrout book, you’ll likely like them all. You’ll never go without hot romance, humor, action, and a world you might want to live in.

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