-Review of Rage & Ruin by Jennifer Armentrout-

ARC provided in exchange for review.


My feelings for Rage and Ruin are almost exactly the same as they were for Storm and Fury, with a little bit of Middle Book Syndrome.

The good-

•Legit cried at the ending, a rarity these days.

•More Roth! And surprise appearances that knocked my llama socks off.

•Lots of laughs with the usual pop culture jokes that Jlanders will no doubt get a kick out of.

•Well written action scenes.

The bad-

•Once again, the length is unnecessary. The amount of needless scenes made the book drag on and on… and on.

•I do not like love triangles. I think the only one I ever liked was Layla’s, and that’s because I was genuinely confused on who I wanted to “win.”

•It’s fairly redundant to mention this but I’m still waiting for one of Jen’s books to really stand apart from the others. It’s a lot of the same.

•Twists (minus one that I’m still OMFGing over) are predictable.

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