-The Irony-

humor-2If you’ve read Allegiant, you probably hated the ending. Hate isn’t a strong enough word… I Googled “words that are stronger than hate” and got 1) loathing, 2) despise 3)and a bunch of people who hate the word hate *rolls eyes*. BUT I HATE IT.

If you haven’t finished, I won’t spoil the ending for you. But for those who have read it… what in the actual fuck!? “We Can Be Mended”!? Is this a sick joke, or a really jacked up way to apologize for the hot mess of Allegiant!? Unless there’s a time machine, NOTHING can be mended in this story. NOTHING. I can’t be mended, you can’t be mended, future readers will be un-mendable…but most importantly, the characters in Allegiant sure the hell can’t be mended. It’s a travesty, really.

I didn’t even watch the movies, that’s how bad I loath-despise-hate the last book. Pre-Allegiant was awesome, though, I will say that. If you’re on the second book- stop there.

SIDE NOTE: I didn’t read this and have no plans to. So, of course, I read all of the spoilers… everyone who has read it is even more pissed now. No one is mended, Veronica. NO ONE.

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