HERE IS THE ☕️. (I’ve always wanted to use this expression.)

A few weeks ago, an Angry Author found a TWO YEAR OLD review she did not like, that was written about one of her books.
The review was constructive, polite, and very well written. The review was written by a fellow author.

The Angry Author then decided to put the Author/Reviewer on blast.

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Crazy shit, right?

A big-hitter chimed in and commented on Angry Authors post: “This post is so unlike you. I don’t know if something personal is going on or not, because you know the reviews aren’t for authors, no matter who they come from or what our own personal opinions on reviewing other authors are, but you do owe this author an apology.”

Here’s where things went sour IMO.
1) Don’t call someone ugly.
2) Bad reviews come with the territory. Get over it.
3) The Angry Author then went and 1 starred all of the Author/Reviewers books. Bitch move.
4) Keep your crazy off the internet.

When I review, I do it constructively. If I don’t like a book, chances are, I won’t write an in depth review. And you’ll probably never see that book posted on this page. I’m in the business of lifting up books that I think others will love (and that sometimes means *I* don’t love the book myself.) Not every book is for me, but it may be for YOU.

Bottom line, don’t be an asshole.

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