-We Told Six Lies By Victoria Scott-

Image may contain: textNormally I don’t post about books that aren’t out yet, but this synopsis got me like ???.

What’s It All About? 

Remember how many lies we told, Molly? It’s enough to make my head spin. You were wild when I met you, and I was mad for you. But then something happened. And now you’re gone.

But don’t worry. I’ll find you. I just need to sift through the story of us to get to where you might be. I’ve got places to look, and a list of names.

The police have a list of names, too. See now? There’s another lie. There is only one person they’re really looking at, Molly.

And that’s yours truly.

To Read: https://amzn.to/2R5mkaz
It comes out in March, I’ll post again as a reminder. But you can pre-order it if you want ?.

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