-Writing Tip From Susan Ee-

susan-ee-and-angelfall“Try free writing. Free writing is where you just put pen to paper and just write. Keep it tight, say for five minutes or ten minutes, and write as much as you can during that time: you just cram it in. No plotting, not much forethought at all. Just let yourself go.

“I just like to just sprint, but I know some people like to do it with music. You can look at a certain image and make all kinds of interpretations of what it can mean. You can get a lot of surprises that way. Your mind is an amazing thing, and it gets bored if it doesn’t have anything to do. So if you give it a task like this you’ll be shocked at what comes out.

“Another important thing is, you can’t have any expectations when you do that. Your subconscious mind is not your servant, you just let it play. When it plays, that’s when the beautiful stuff comes out.”




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