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  1. Kim Wylie Town says:

    Hi Candace,

    Thanks for the add! I’m a big reader and loved the storybook themed shower for Jenn Fenton (my niece). I’m the one you called The Candy Goddess ? I took inspiration from Pinterest on the candy and popcorn table. Jenn pointed it out to me, and loved the Once Upon A Time wall decoration. I made the sign, the cupcake toppers and the cupcake stand using tips from the Pinterest page. The book was my surprise to her. It can be found on Etsy. Let me know if you’d like any of the links. Looking forward to reading your blogs!

    • CandaceReads says:

      Hi Kim! The table looked wonderful, you did an amazing job! I would love the link for the book. Thank you so much for subscribing :):).

  2. callingpost says:

    Candace Kearns Read’s memoir tells the story of her days as a Hollywood script reader and production assistant trying to save her mother from losing her house, her mind and her life, and the compassionate detachment she finds that enables her to save herself instead.

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