Top 5 Life Changing Books

Why not 10, you ask? Because there’s only so much life changing that I can handle at one time. In no particular order, here are five books that changed my LIFE! 


There’s a strong possibility The Fault in Our Stars is on a LOT of lists out there. There’s a reason for that!

How was my life changed? For starters, my water-proof mascara went through the ultimate test. Most importantly, though, it taught me to make the most of the one life we are given. People say that all the time, but this book makes you FEEL it.

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big-little-liesA Chick-Lit Murder-Mystery? Odd, right? But oh-so-oh-so good!

How was my life changed? Big Little Lies made me laugh, made me cry, and made me realize that turning the crappy moments in your life into something funny is the ONLY way to live. Big Little Lies also taught me how to ward off those mean Mommy-Cliques at the PTA meetings ;).

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deliriumLove and passion are apart of who we are, it drives us, it also rips us apart. What if the government could remove that part of your brain, the part that loves? A world without love, a world without pain.  Welcome to Delirium.

How was my life changed? “You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes.” Love may hurt sometimes, maybe even more than hurt, but would you rather never experience love at all?

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sweet-evilFallen angels can be tricky! Especially for a teenage girl who is part angel, part demon and falling for a fellow Nephilim.

How was my life changed? I truly, truly wanted to become a more patient, kind, gentle and forgiving person after reading this book. It’s been years since I’ve read this story, but the main characters persona has stuck with me after all this time.

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“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.” A dystopian trilogy for the ages, a heartbreaking look into a world in shambles after an alien invasion.

How was my life changed? Well, my anxiety over the impending doom of an apocalypse style catastrophe was increased by a million. BUT, The 5th Wave also showed me the resiliency of humans, and their loyalty to their loved ones, regardless of the circumstances. Maybe ridding the world of their humanity is harder than we think, in times like these, I need a reminder.

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