Unknown, #1 of 3


Book: Unknown, #1 of TBA
Author: Wendy Higgins
Publication Date: 2016
Genre: Science-Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, New Adult

My Review in a Nutshell:

Wow. Never in my life have I been so consumed by the terrifying realism of words. With every chapter, I fell deeper into Higgins’ post-apocalyptic world, and the unpredictable intertwining romance. Unknown is addicting and fast-paced. I could not read fast enough.

What’s It All About?

Unknown is written in first person perspective through Amber. Amber is an RN working as an EMT who lives at home with her wonderful family, life is good. Minus the fact that she’s been in love with her brother’s best friend, Rylen, her entire life… And she can’t seem to do a dang thing about it. Although this seemed daunting to her, she soon realizes there are far worse things in the world than heart-break. Like a war on the states by an unknown organization- bomb attacks, bio-chemical warfare, starvation, desperation… Regardless, she will try and save as many innocents with her medical skills. In times like these, everyone must stick together, especially family. And since Rylen is like family, she is forced to live among the man she loves, making everything that much more difficult.

My Thoughts:

Unknown is multi-dimensional with several conflicts simmering, the forefront being the war, adding in the perfect touch of romance. Although, sometimes the helplessness I felt for Amber and Rylen’s relationship was almost as heart-breaking as the war itself. Mixing the whirlwind/secrets/plot-twist/wtf-is-happening-to-the-world/Amber’s love life together, my heart nearly came out of my chest, and I had nightmares the entirety of my reading experience. That’s a sign of a talented writer.

I was initially intrigued by the NA (and DUH! The apocalypse) aspect, considering Higgins’ YA is already pretty steamy, so of course Unknown did not disappoint. But what surprised me the most, was how much I fell in love with Amber’s family. A large and diverse group all living peacefully under one roof, her Dad being a military man, and her mother bringing a Spanish influence into the home, producing a lively and hilarious bunch. But most of all, a loving bunch.

This story will never leave me. I will be replaying every scene in my head for years to come. The lessons I learned, the horrifying images… This book, and Amber, will put life in perspective for you in a way that you least expect it. Wendy Higgins is fearless, and it shows by the emotions my poor heart and brain had to endure over the past week.

My Favorite Quotes:

“I didn’t want to lose faith in humanity, but damn. People made it hard.”

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