Winter is Coming!


Number 1 – Dracula Book Scarf


This b-e-a-utiful scarf is from The scarf I am wearing is the Dracula Book Scarf. There are MANY more to choose from: Alice in Wonderland, Sense and Sensibilities, Anne of Green Gables. the list goes on and on!

Number 2 – Floating Book Shelves


My beloved floating book shelves; quite magical, don’t ya think? I have received loads of compliments on them, and they’re the perfect solution to your over-flowing book problem! Just head over to google and type in “floating book shelves”!

Number 3 – Page Flags


Book flags! These are the most precious and nostalgic book flags out there, and they’re only 5.95 at B&N! Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice!? Love! And shout out to Gumdrop for being a very patient and gorgeous model!

Number 4 – Harry Potter Thing-a-majig


I bought this gem at Universal Studios. Honestly, I don’t have a proper name for it. At first, I thought i bought a beautiful decor piece, but then realized the Deathly Hollows symbol is actually a NECKLACE! SCORE! It’s like a 2 for 1. Universal has an online gift shop, browse all the amazingness while you’re there!

Number 5 – Owl Book Ends


Owl Book Ends, I have a sweet spot for owls since Harry Potter. An obsession that will never end for me. Find them at!

Number 6 – Tote Bag


Weenie dog tested, Candace approved! Once again, another item from B&N, I just can’t stop myself. Bonus points for being a dual purpose doggy sleeper.

Number 7 – Onyx Ring


This one is a little book specific. If you have read The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout, then you know about the importance of ONYX! I got this awesome-sauce Onyx ring at James Avery. Totally worth the price! I never take it off.

Number 8 – Wooden Art


Broken record here, got it at B&N. One of my long time favorite quotes, and there are oodles more with different quotes!

Number 9 -Hunger Games Key Chain


Hunger Games!!! I’m sad to say that my husband bought me this last Christmas, and I can no longer find it. BUT, Hot Topic has TONS more! And let me tell you, they’re sturdy. This is the only key chain I have not broken!

Number 10 – Weenie Dog Book Ends


This is self explanatory. I love weenie dogs. Jonathan Adler has designed all sorts of things for book/weenie lovers (HA!). A lot of his things can be found at…. you guessed it, B&N.

BONUS GIFT – Once Upon a Time Pillow


Okay, so this technically isn’t book inspired. But Once Upon a Time gives me those same booky feels as a good novel. Go over to and type in “Once Upon a Time Pillow”, then spend hours looking at all of the neat and creative fandom inspired pillows!

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